About Quirky Mentoring: What can I do for you?

Quirky Mentoring: What can I help you with?

Do you want to start a business, but don’t know where or how to start?

Do you have an established business, but feel you are stagnating because you don’t know how to take it to the next level?

Do you feel you are missing out on gaining more customers; followers; increasing your audience reach?

Are you feeling frustrated?

Are you worried about what to do next?

Are you still trying to figure out what your purpose is in life?

Are you still unsure of which path to take in your life?

I can help you with any, or all of these, and so much more.

  • Share your pain.
  • Overcome and resolve your problems.
  • Start to feel back in control again.
  • Know where you are at.
  • Know where you need to be.
  • Map a plan of action to get there.
  • Feel support and encouraged.
  • Feel ready to move forward in your life or business, thanks to Quirky Mentoring.
  • Take action to make your goals, ambitions and dreams come true.
  • Be accountable, be responsible and be in control of your destiny.

Sandra’s specialist Quirky Mentoring areas include, but are not limited to: 

  • Business 
    • Start up
    • Established – Next Level Progression
    • Expansion of audience/customer reach
  • Branding
    • Business names
    • Marketing  
    • Strategies
  • Social media 
  • Growing your audience
  • Retail sales 
  • Getting back in to work
    • CVs
    • Cover Letters
    • Job Hunting
  • Blogging for business, mental health and happiness
  • Writing

Quirky Mentoring incorporates the 8 Steps to Success, that can be followed in 4 stages:

Stage 1: Consult/Advise

Stage 2: Inform/Guide

Stage 3: Support/Encourage

Stage 4: Recommend/Result

Experience the mentoring difference like never before, with unique Quirky Mentoring Reports for Businesses around the globe. Learn from someone who has been there and is living it.

Quirky Mentoring offers bespoke mentoring for your business. Prices start from £200 per hour session, although they can vary according to your individual circumstances and needs, as well as the medium in which the mentoring takes place.

Quirky Mentoring Reports – How do they work?

Quirky Mentoring Reports are completely bespoke and therefore prices can vary greatly, contact me with your specific requirements.

You will a receive a report with advice, guidance and recommendations for how to improve your business and take it to the next level, often without me needing to speak to you, because all correspondence is done via email. No payment is taken for initial email inquiry or initial consultation to establish your needs. Payment is required in full, before the report is produced for you.

With Quirky Mentoring Reports, after an initial email inquiry, an email consultation will occur to establish what help, advice and guidance you need, and if both parties are agreeable to work together. Depending on the type of advise sought, you could be asked to fill in a questionnaire, in detail, about yourself and your business. If you are asked to fill in a questionnaire, I will use both my creative and analytical skills to see the overall picture of your business and how you can improve it. When you give me a clear indication of your goals and vision, whether it’s big or small, I can help you to map a plan to achieve those, that you can often start to put into action immediately. It’s up to you to follow through with any appropriate actions after considering my recommendations in the report.

Mentoring options to consider other than Quirky Mentoring Reports, are Skype, phone, and face-to-face in the UK. If you require me to travel to meet with you, you will be expected to pay all travel, accommodation, meals and associated costs, in addition to the cost of the mentoring itself, the cost of which, would be agreed on beforehand.

*My recommendations are to act as a guide, and are no way set in stone. As with any mentoring relationship, it’s up to you to decide what’s right for you and your business. If I don’t believe I can help you in any way, I will be honest and say so. In the event this occurs, I may signpost you to someone else who I believe has the relevant knowledge and experience that you need.

Quirky Mentoring is based on a very trustful relationship. Although providing a service, I firmly believes in mutual support and care between the mentor and mentee, with a degree of equality, despite some differentiation. Both have to believe in each others capabilities. Both the Mentee and the Mentor, have to believe in the Mentee’s business, purpose, goal and visions, and in each other, for it to be an effective relationship. Whether this is a one time only report, or ongoing mentoring, in person, Skype or otherwise. Therefore, open and honest communication is a must. The mentee must not withhold any vital information, that the Mentor needs in order to give the best recommendations. If at any point, either party is no longer comfortable with the other, it is important to be honest and say about it, so the situation can be resolved.

Quirky Mentoring, operates an equality and diversity policy. It does not matter what your background, class, ethnicity or sexual orientation is, or if you have a disability, or special needs, if I feel I can help you, I will.

Quirky Mentoring has an ethical policy, that I will only mentor people whom I believe I can advance in their life or business in some way, however big or small. I know that sometimes, it’s the smallest things that hold people back from moving on to the next stage in their business. So whether you want to think big or small, if you want a little information, or a lot, there is a tailored made bespoke Quirky Mentoring service for you.

I will never offer any legal or financial advice, as I am not qualified to do so. For those, you must seek help from a lawyer, solicitor or financial advisor, whichever is appropriate. Equally, I will not give you medical advice, you should consult a doctor or medical practitioner for this.

If you live in the UK, you can email or contact me, Sandra Bellamy, by phone on 07932 768970 or 01392 43420 for a free 20 minute consultation to find out if, and how I can help.

If you live outside of the UK, email me in the first instance using the Contact Form or contact me via Twitter @quirkymentoring or Facebook quirkymentoring

For more information visit, www.quirkymentoring.com

*Please note: In the event I feel unable to help you and I signpost you to someone else, I am in no way responsible for any consequences, financial loss or otherwise, as a result of their advice or actions.

My Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy book is no ordinary redundancy or job-seeking book. It’s a book like no other. Teaching wellbeing skills, jobs skills and life skills, plus many more.

Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work – An A-Z ‘How To’ Guide * This book is a complete A-Z system for getting back into work.

This book covers twenty-six aspects of redundancy and provides eighty benefits. It’s a system because each of the chapters is broken down into ‘5 components of redundancy’. You need to master all components in order to give you the best chance of success at getting back into work. Because this book takes a holistic view of redundancy, it will revolutionise the way you think about redundancy, job-seeking and life in general. One of the key components to master first of all is wellbeing skills, before exploring what options are available to you and learning the practical job skills. Although they are interwoven throughout the book, because what we feel and think about on the inside (our internal environment), reflects on what actions we take to change our outer environment.

This book is different because it does not just focus on one element of redundancy, but on the many barriers you need to conquer if you are to successfully get back into work. In this book, I show you how to deal with the inner trauma and turmoil of being made redundant such as grief and depression; before focusing on the practical elements such as job-hunting, CV and cover letter writing; and dealing with tough interview questions, so you can make an informed choice about which future path you should take.

The 5 components of redundancy are:

  1. The inner elements (Care for the inner you)


  • A is for Antidote to beat redundancy blues
  • F is for Fun
  • L is for Love Yourself
  • R is for Rejuvenate,
  • Z is for Zebra

Mindset and attitude:

  • J is for Job-hunting
  • K is for Keep
  • P is for Persistence
  1. Practicalities:
  • B is for Breathing Space
  • H is for Help
  • I is for Interview
  • Q is for Quit your job
  • V is for Voluntary Work
  • W is for Work Experience
  1. Exploring options:
  • D is for Dream Job
  • O is for Opportunities
  • S is for Self-employment
  1. Outer elements (How others perceive you):
  • C is for Confidence
  • E is for Express Yourself Clearly
  • G is for Great Customer Service begins at home
  • M is for Marketing
  • N is for Networking
  • U is for Unquestionable
  1. Persuasion Skills – An irresistible offer:
  • T is for Transferable Skills
  • X is for X-Ray (Xtra Reasons to Appoint You)
  • Y is for Yes

Focusing on wellbeing skills first, is essential in getting you successfully back into work. So for example, if you have job skills, but not the confidence to project that to recruiters in an interview, you are not going to get the job. Confidence is achieved by learning to love yourself for who you are and believing in yourself, when others don’t. I show you how to love yourself and project confidence to recruiters to get that job.

Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work - An A-Z 'How To' Guide.

Break Through The Barriers Of Redundancy To Get Back Into Work – An A-Z ‘How To’ Guide.

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