Sandra Bellamy’s Redundancy Success Story

Sandra Bellamy’s Redundancy Success Story

Sandra’s purpose, is to develop people both personally and professionally, to achieve their goals, ambitions and dreams. By empowering them to embrace their quirky and be their authentic self.

Sandra’s life changing moment came when she was made redundant for the second time in 2009.

“When I was made redundant for the second time in my career, it changed my life. At first I felt my gut was wrenched from me, worried about my future, concerned about finances, bewildered and lost, I just didn’t know what I was going to do.

A couple of weeks later I began to feel relieved that it was over.  I thought about the negative aspects of the job I had just left and focused on what I could change about my life and my future career to make me happy. Rather than just being in a job that I was good at, I began to see and understand what job I was meant to be doing. I assessed

What I was passionate about?

What made me happy?

What did I ultimately want to do with my life?

I came up with two answers:

  1. To be a writer
  2. To help people who have been made redundant to get back into work

I now do both of these.”

Whilst studying A Levels Media Studies and English Literature at South Devon College, Sandra initiated a College Magazine called Student Life and grew a portfolio of work experiences within the media industry, specifically within newspapers and radio. In fact, whilst at college, she started her 17 year voluntary work as a Hospital Radio Presenter. Sandra relinquished that position in August of 2012, allowing her to focus more on her beatredundancyblues and quirkybooks businesses and her work as a volunteer Health Buddy in association with BBC Radio Devon.

Although Sandra did some writing during her work experiences, she was also involved in other aspects, such as layout, design, presentation and production. Her  commercial writing skills advanced in 1996, when she landed a job as an administrative assistant in the Editorial department of the Totnes Times. Although Sandra was there for a notably short period of time and her primary role was to type up copy, she was taught how write news stories and asked by the Editor to go on location to interview people as well as interview them over the telephone. Unfortunately the new stories she did write, were never accredited to herself.

In 2008, Sandra began a Writing For Children course with The Writer’s Bureau. This sparked her creativity, taught her new writing abilities and boosted her self-confidence as a writer.

However, the turning point in Sandra’s writing career came after she had been made redundant in 2009, when she had her first non-fiction article published in Country Smallholding, that she had been accredited with and which she received payment for. A few months later, she got paid for her Star Letter in Freelance Market News and her writing career has taken off ever since.

Since then her credits include:

Sandra wrote and co-delivered all of the course content for the for ‘Blogging as an aid to recovery – How to start a blog’ course that she taught for the Recovery Learning Community as part of the NHS. She did the same for Facebook and Twitter for recovery courses that she created.

Sandra helps people who are redundant to get back into work via her two websites and She writes all of the content for both sites. They are free to use resources, that have access to lots of job sites, recruitment sites and course sites from within the one site. They have a wealth of other useful information, help and advice, including about job interviews, time management and health and wellbeing. Sandra likes to take a holistic approach to redundancy and getting back into work.

When I asked Sandra what is so special about and why should people use it?

She replied, “When I was made redundant for the second time in my career during 2009, I became increasing frustrated that I had to spend hours trawling through website after website trying to find the right job sites, courses sites and recruitment sites, that were relevant to the types of jobs that I wanted to apply for. Whilst I was doing that, it was eating into the time I had to write my CV and cover letter for a job. Sometimes I would spend three or four hours perfecting my CV and cover letter for just one job. I hadn’t really got the time to keep trawling and so I ended up just using the same few sites over and over again and that can be limiting. I also found it hard to find suitable courses in the areas that I wanted to go into and I couldn’t really think of what other courses I may want to do. The great thing about beatredundancyblues is it has access to job sites, recruitment sites and courses sites, from within the one site, saving jobseekers loads of time and giving them a variety of options on ways of getting back into work. It’s free for people to use and health and wellbeing is covered too. It’s a one-stop resource for redundancy and you can’t get better than that.”

Sandra’s original blog offering help and inspiration to redundant workers is at Her blog about writing is at

“Redundancy changed my whole outlook on life and now I am a much happier and more fulfilled person, who believes in myself and what I was born to do.  I do not profess to be the best, just to enjoy what I do and to help others as best as I can.”



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